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The first in the S-Series(Studio/Stage/Lead/Jazz applications, I am excited to offer what I describe as my "secret weapon!"  Produced by Dave Wooten of the Las Vegas Trumpet® Company, efficiency is the key word on this piece. The unneeded mass is trimmed away, resulting in a more efficient and faster response, with better balance. It has a beautiful, classic shape, this piece sports a comfortable rim, shallow depth, and medium tight backbore. While the initial offerings have a 25 throat, it can be ordered with any size throat you are comfortable with. Inner rim dimension: .6315 (16.041mm).  The standard is silver plate, but we are offering a Limited Edition 24K gold plate option as well. You will note the price difference when you click on your plating choice.

DB 6ZX Trumpet Mouthpiece

SKU: 364115376135191
  • The DB 6ZX is offered in silver plate. A Limited Edition 24K Gold Plate is currently available. You will notice the price difference once you click on your plating choice.  It will arrive in it's own black box, wrapped both inside and out.

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