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I am truly honored and very excited to announce the "Dave Banks Signature" Trumpet. Dave Wooten at the Las Vegas Trumpet® Company has truly knocked it out of the park with this one!  Beautiful styling, Pure copper, 5" one piece bell design with french bead, Bauerfiend valve block, All constructed from Dave's original mandrels, tubing and specifications by Adams Musical Instruments. Medium large .461 bore. Your choice of brass, sterling silver or copper(not pictured) tuning slide, either single or double radius. You can also purchase extra slides below.  Abe hard wood valve buttons.  Incredibly easy to play, you can get a dark, or bright sound, play loud, soft, or inbetween with finesse and control. The intonation is spot on. With the different crooks, you can add or remove resistance as well as alter timbre!  Check out the demonstrations of different playing styles on the videos!  These are made specifically for me and I will play test each one before it comes to you. 

The Dave Banks Signature Trumpet manufactured by The Las Vegas Trumpet® Company

  • One piece, pure copper, 5" bell.  

    .461 bore.

    Bauerfiend valve block by Adams Musical Instruments

    Your choice of single or double radius tuning slides in sterling silver, brass or copper(not pictured)

    Comes with a beautiful gig bag made by Gard.

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